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Mind Reality – The Universe is Mental PDF Ebook

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1. The Nature of All Reality and the Universal Construct
2. The Observer Creates Reality simply by Observing
3. Do your Beliefs Reflect Reality or Create It?
4. Difference between Thoughts and Beliefs
5. Mental Gender – Harmony of Conscious and Subconscious
6. Seven Senses – All sense is One sense
7. Seven States of Matter – Everything is Mind
8. True Theory of Everything in the Universe
9. The World Within and the World Without
10. Predict the Future by Creating it
11. Science of Vibration in Every Aspect of the Physical World
12. Nature of Vibration in the Spiritual Dimension
13. Be a Helping Mind – Psychic Influence
14. Telepathic Communication between Two People
15. Planes of Reality – Multidimensional Universe
16. Mental Matrix of Reality – World is Simulation
17. Mental Control of Physical Reality
18. Gravity is Mind Attracting Mind
19. Black Holes are Portals from one Plane to Another
20. Antimatter is Etheric Double of Physical Matter
21. Mind and Spirit are One and the Same
22. Mental Knowledge – All knowledge is one knowledge
23. Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious are One
24. Being a Creator of Reality – Position of Omnipotence
25. Shared Reality – Cooperative Mental Creation
26. Change Reality by Creating it Anew
27. Watching Reality Shift Before Your Eyes
28. Desires and Feelings are Directions from Spiritual Forces
29. Knowing what to do – Following the Spirit
30. True Reality is Spirit and True Identity is Light

I highly encourage you to read The Universe is Mental By Enoch Tan

Secret of Everything – Key to the Universe

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1. Secret of Everything
2. Integrative Mindset – Having Complete Perception
3. Secret of Speed
4. Secret of Power
5. Three factors of Intention – Will, Desire and Belief
6. Self Mastery depends on Powers of Concentration
7. Success depends on Well Concentrated Efforts
8. Silent reserved Power is most Potent
9. Power and Responsibility bring each other
10. Increasing Your Power to the Highest Level

I encourage you to read Secret of Everything – Key to the Universe By Enoch Tan