Personal Development Coaching

I provide personal development coaching both over the phone and in person. I coach from Ottawa, Ontario at the present time and can travel anywhere in Ottawa to conduct a coaching session.

I currently offer 3 types of coaching to clients in Ottawa and around the world over the phone.

Here are the 3 services I offer as a coach:

Spiritual Development Coaching

I define spirituality as:

Developing an accurate model of reality in order to improve the quality of consciousness.”

So naturally spiritual development coaching is all about helping you see reality in the most accurate way possible. If you are looking for spiritual coaching I’m prepared to help you develop an accurate and empowering model of reality that will serve you well on your journey towards self-actualization.

Here I can help you:

  • Address the fear of death
  • Develop insight into the certainty of eternal life
  • Understand that all fears (other than fight or flight responses) are irrational
  • Develop insight into the true nature of reality
  • Gain an interest in spiritual self-education
  • Practice the power of acceptance
  • Learn to live in the present moment
  • Embody a subjective and objective view of reality
  • Ascend in levels of consciousness through acts of courage
  • Use the art of surrender and letting go of attachment to allow life to unfold perfectly
  • And more

I have been seriously focused on developing my model of reality since 2011 and I have discovered that reality is infinite and that human potential is limitless. I have read many spiritually focused books and articles in the last 7 years and I’m still learning to this day. I recommend that you begin your spiritual education by reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. I guarantee that if you master the application of his teachings, you will live with a tremendous level of peace and joy!

Manifestation Coaching

I define manifestation as:

Turning general wishes into specific intentions, and turning intentions into a reality.”

Here I can help you:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of reality creation principles
  • Understand the essence of your desires, not just the forms
  • Trust the universe unconditionally
  • Turn your goals into reality
  • Transform your belief system so that you are empowered
  • Understand that you have limitless potential
  • Practice the power of level 1 (circumstantial) and level 2 (existential) gratitude
  • Develop a burning desire and obsession for your goals
  • And more

So what are my greatest manifestations you may ask?

I measure a manifestation by how it serves my ultimate goal which is to be joyful, and happy. My greatest manifestations are actually not materialistic things; they are the moments I will never forget! So here are some examples:

  • Going to almost 200 Ottawa Senators games since 2006
  • Scoring 40 goals in my first ever ball hockey season
  • Winning an arena league ball hockey title
  • Learning everything I know up to this point in time, I just love to learn and grow
  • My friends that I have today, I have played so much hockey with them
  • Realizing my dream of becoming an Army Cadet Sergeant Major in 2012
  • Retiring as one of the best cadets my unit has ever seen
  • Discovering my passion for personal development coaching

Sports Performance Coaching

I define good sports performance as:

“Performing in your sport at the level that meets your expectations and leaves you with a feeling of joy that also leaves you wanting more.”

Here I can help you:

  • Develop a greater desire to win.
  • Replace self-limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs
  • Serve as someone who will listen when the going gets tough, and provide encouragement
  • Create a solid plan to succeed
  • Learn how to apply sports psychology principles such as only focusing on that which can be controlled
  • Learn meditation to get the entire brain in a state of synergy
  • Learn visualization to command the subconscious mind to succeed in any given game
  • How to develop emotional resilience
  • And much more

I have coached competitive shooters in Army Cadets, and I’m currently an A level ball hockey player in the Hat Trick Ball Hockey League as well as a D level player in Greater Ottawa Ball Hockey Association. As a hockey player I have a very strong work ethic and always perform my best under the pressure of playoff action. I have mastered the psychological principle of non-attachment when I play hockey. Nothing in a game can make me frustrated because I realize that frustration is a useless emotion. My talent level is not amazing, but I possess a very good mindset when I play – and I fulfill my role very well as a secondary player on my team. I have studied hockey for more than 10 years now, and my niche in sports performance coaching is hockey players.

How to Schedule a Session

Contact me by email at and I will offer you a free 1 hour consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together. In the email I want to know:

  • Which coaching service you want
  • What your goals are
  • Why you want those goals
  • When you want to achieve your goals by
  • Why you want a coach

Below are some examples of packages I offer as a coach, but I value flexibility and quality; therefore I can make a custom package for each client.

3 Month Plan

1 hour per week

12 Sessions


6 Month Plan

1 hour per week

24 Sessions


1 Year Plan

1 hour per Week

52 Sessions


In addition to one hour per week, I will provide bonus services such as:

  • Email support answered within 24 hours
  • Phone calls outside of session time as needed
  • Accountability calls
  • For sports performance clients I will watch performances to give feedback and ask questions

Each client has a different price in my mind, depending on the number of sessions coached and what the goal is. I don’t charge based on my time, I don’t think you really care about my time – and you shouldn’t. What you and I both care about is your results, and results are what you are really looking for so that is all that matters.

“Nobody really buys a drill at a hardware store; people are actually buying quarter inch holes.”

And that is my philosophy towards coaching, the prices above are examples and your price will be negotiated based on what you are asking for from my coaching. I will only charge you if the results you want are achieved. It’s my responsibility as coach to make sure you get results.