The Adlerian View on Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder,

At the age of 18 while I was completing grade 12 I lost hope and got depressed because I would have to work at a job and miss Ottawa Senators hockey games as a result of the job.

Naturally while I was thinking about this I became depressed because watching hockey was my number one passion.

This depression was a message from my subconscious mind that I had to find a job that would allow me to go to my hockey games.

This is because depression is the subconscious minds way of saying; “we have a problem, I will make you feel like shit until you solve the problem.”

Depression is caused when there is a loss of hope in the problem being solved.

Some people when they are depressed say they simply have to “think more positive” or “distract themselves.”

This is nonsense,

The only way to solve your depression is to solve the problem that caused the depression in the first place.

If you are depressed because of financial issues, you must solve your financial issues, depression is your minds way of telling you,

“Your finances suck, so I will make you depressed until you get more money.”

If you are depressed long enough and don’t solve the real problem, your subconscious mind will elevate you into a euphoric state periodically because it wants to escape from the depression.

A bipolar manic episode is the minds way of saying,

“I don’t believe you can get me out of this depression anymore, so I will make you escape from reality so I can feel very powerful and happy again.”

At this point your mind wants to make you feel important and powerful, so it will lie to you and tell you that “you are God or Jesus” and you may hallucinate and hear voices. You will also be overconfident in your abilities and lose touch with reality.

This is called psychosis.

Now the problem with most doctors is that they think medication is the answer to bipolar disorder.


The real answer is having insight into what your emotions are trying to tell you.

There are 6 human needs, and the real task is making sure they are all met. This is the only way to be happy.

The 6 needs are:




Human Connection



Let’s take a brief look at all 6 needs,


We need to feel safe and secure. We need certainty about our next meal and that we can still enjoy things that give us enjoyment. Some people need a billion dollars to feel certain, others just need to pray to God. Certainty will prevent fear from arising.


We need to do different things to avoid boredom. We need to watch different movies and read different things otherwise we get bored.


We need to feel like we matter, this is why many people who didn’t feel important as a child strive for fame or riches to compensate. Everyone needs to feel important. If this need is neglected in a persons younger years, they will try to compensate in adult years by becoming as important as they have always wanted to become.

Human Connection

We need to connect with other people in order to be happy. We need friends.

People who were rejects in their early years might strive for popularity in their later years. For instance I wasn’t the best at connecting with people as a young person, and now I love meeting new people. Like I said earlier, our adult selves are designed to fulfill our unmet needs from childhood.


We need to be growing in order to remain happy, this is because if we don’t grow we stagnate.

Growth means to pursue self-improvement.


The highest form of happiness comes from making other people happy. To make a positive contribution is to feel happy. This is why I perform generous acts such as writing this article.

If you don’t meet your 6 needs you won’t be as happy as possible.

If you are unhappy it’s for at least one of those 6 reasons.

If too many of your needs are unfulfilled your mind might make you depressed in order to get you to act.

Thanks for reading,

Angus Baynham-McColl


A Miserable Life is The Default – Happiness is an Uphill Endeavour

Your life is like a garden, you have to do real hard work to make the garden look great. If you don’t do any hard work it will look like shit.

If you don’t try to excel at life, you will have a shitty life because a shitty life is the default. I see so many people who are unhappy in my daily life, and they are miserable because miserable circumstances are the default.

Poverty is the default.

Bad health is the default.

Bad relationships are the default.

Feeling like shit is the default.


It’s simple,

Negatives are always seeking you out.

If you do nothing in life but relax, you will be fucking miserable.

On the other hand,

Positive circumstances must be sought after, you have to PURSUE and EARN happiness, while unhappiness is something you ATTRACT by doing nothing or too little.

If you want to be rich, it will not happen by luck or accident.

It takes relentless dedication to get rich. It also takes self-education, creating value, and being financially disciplined.

If you want good health you have to eat a good diet and exercise the right way consistently. Good health will not seek you out, bad health will though.

If you want good relationships you must put effort into them and give the other person what they want.

I can think of life as a professional sport, if you don’t have the motivation to play the game hard and play it the right way, losses will seek you out.

Success is an uphill battle, it’s not even terrain so if you don’t go uphill your fate is to go downhill.

Until next time,

Angus Baynham-McColl

How I Used Paradoxical Intention to Solve My Depression

2 years ago I was going through one of the worst depressions of my life, and at the beginning of my depression I resisted what was going on.

I tried everything possible to relieve my depression. For example I tried distraction, playing video games, trying to restore hope in my life, hanging out with friends, but none of that would work.

But here’s the problem,


This meant if I tried to overcome my depression, I would usually make it worse.

This is because,

“What you resist persists.”

So I did the opposite of fight my depression and told myself,

“I’m going to just be depressed.”

If I felt like doing nothing that day I would do nothing. And I actually went out of my way to do things I didn’t feel like doing with the intent of being more depressed!

But I didn’t become more depressed, no matter how hard I tried. In fact, my depression got much better when I did little things to try and make my depression worse.

It’s like following the law of non-resistance and embracing the negative was the very thing that restored me to normal!

Psychology – The Study Of the Mind

Psychology comes from two words: psyche and logos. Psyche is the Greek word which means soul or spirit, loosely translated as mind. Logos means knowledge or study like all “logies”. The first Greek letter psi in psyche is used as the international symbol for psychology. Hence, Psychology was originally defined as: the study of the mind.

Psychology is the understanding of how our perceptions govern our behavior. Everything in our lives is affected by how we think.

Psychology is about understanding people and the human mind.

Human nature is the same today as it was during ancient history.

So the principles of psychology are timeless. What you know about psychology will always apply.

“A fundamental understanding of the human psyche is the essential key to successful magic” – Robert-Houdin (Father of Modern Magic)

Just because you understand psychology doesn’t mean you will always use it, you have to keep it’s understanding in awareness for it to be useful.

Psychology consists of subtle differences and big distinctions. It is the little psychological subtleties that make all the difference.

The greatest use of knowledge in psychology is for self/social awareness, communication, marketing, and personal development.

Psychology works on assumptions. Other people’s assumptions follow your assumptions. Other people’s expectations are set by you and everything is the result of your communication.

When you assume the appearance of power, people will give it to you. Leaders are self-appointed. Authority is 80% taken and 20% given.

Everything is Psychology. Everything is affected by psychological factors and those factors govern all that goes on, whether you choose to take control of them or not. With great knowledge of psychology in hand, you will have the power to rule over your own world.

Reference: – Enoch Tan – Author of Mind Reality

Note: I changed certain aspects of this article to make it a reflection of my truth.